Tuesday, February 27

Mc Burney YMCA

125 West 14th Street, btwn 6th – 7th Ave.


Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Council Members will undertake steps to strengthen the relationship between communities and the New York City Police Department (NYPD), including citywide town hall meetings and oversight hearings into the training received by police officers.

Council Members plan to hold at least two town hall meetings in each borough. The meetings will give community members the opportunity to voice concerns about and suggest improvements to current police operations in their neighborhoods. Speaker Quinn, along with Public Safety Chair Peter Vallone, Civil Rights Chair Larry Seabrook and local Council Members, will participate in the town halls. The Council’s Public Safety and Civil Rights Committees will then use the community feedback to conduct oversight hearings into:

Internal and external monitoring of police. The Council will review the current operations of various police monitoring agencies and consider steps to improve their policies;

Training and deployment of police officers. The Council will review training procedures, including the use of firearms, deployment of officers, and tactical methods. The committees will work to find areas where additional training could aid operations and reduce conflicts with community members; and

Community policing.The Council will review community policing and whether the policies and procedures accommodate for the needs of residents.

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