Delivery Cyclists Education in full swing on 9th Avenue

To coincide with the installation of the bike lanes, CHEKPEDS has designed a turn-key Business Owner Education package and partnered with the Midtown North and South Precincts to undertake a systematic education of all businesses owners and their bike delivery staff on 9th Avenue . 20 businesses , some with more that 10 delivery bicyclists, have been visited to date with the balance scheduled for the coming weeks.

The NYPD Community Affairs Officer introduces the Chekpeds representative, who gives the business owner a guide of the equipment needed for each bicyclist. The guide highlights the cost versus the fines. We also give them Bicyclist Education kits for each bicyclists, which demonstrate visually the rules of the road. A log of bicyclists is part of the kit,  as well as a “do-it-yourself” id card.  The Community Affairs Officer explains that enforcement will be intensified and recommends the implementation to avoid fines. The program is online, described here.

The program has been very well received by the owners who seem to understand the $$ value of following of the rules versus getting fined. Some comments (“Are there the same laws on the East Side?” or “I thought we could go either way on side streets!”) illustrate that education is key. They are also pleased to get a turn key package with how-to become compliant step by step explanations.

Coincidentally DOT just launched a similar program they are rolling out on the upper east and west side. Their program seems more focused on enforcement, while educating is our  priority.  DOT Launches Pilot Program to Combat Bad Bike Deliverymen – New York.

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