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Black History Month in Transportation

Gertrude Hadley JeannetteGarrett Morgan

Gertrude Hadley Jeannette was the first female taxi driver to receive a […]

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Snow removal for whom?

If you ever needed confirmation, recent snowstorms showed once again that there is no equity between pedestrians/commuters/cyclists and drivers in New York City. All lanes of vehicular traffic were cleared of snow in 12 hours, while bus stops, bike lanes, corners and sidewalks were impassable. We should not be surprised: the NYC Sanitation Department (DSNY) calls its […]

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The State of the Sidewalk

Complete the Survey

Sidewalks are vital arteries for the millions of New Yorkers who use transit and walk. Manhattan Community Board 4 is seeking your input to better address the current state of the walking infrastructure, including sidewalks, curbs, and crossings in our City – under normal and snowy conditions. Thank you for filling out this […]

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Speak UP: Port Authority presents plan for rebuilding the Bus Terminal

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After 10 years of planning , the Port Authority is launching its Federal Environmental impact review for a new terminal commuter terminal to replace the existing one on site , and a long distance terminal/ staging building to remove Curb side terminals and buses parked on the […]

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NYPD precinct removes cars from sidewalk

This was really a special week. For years , neighbors had complained that the police cars parked on sidewalks were a menace to the safety of pedestrians . This problem was amplified when NYPD added barricades to the streets adjoining precincts during the summer 2020.

Manhattan Community Board 4 sent a letter to its three […]

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Port Authority Bus Terminal to be rebuilt

The project will rebuild the main terminal in place, add a storage and intercity terminal from Dyer to 10th Avenue, create two large parks over the Dyer Avenue cuts and build an extensive network of below and above ground ramps. Four towers will be built as of right .

As a result, […]

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Six years of progress focused on street safety

Last Wednesday, Manhattan Community 4 took time to recap its annual results and thank Colleen Chattergoon of the Department of Transportation for her help in securing many of its wins . Most of the activity and wins have been focused on safety . The map of protected intersections in the district reflects such […]

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Speak Up: Decision 2021

In 2021 we will be called upon to elect a very large number of representatives who will have a key influence on what type of streets and transportation New York will select to implement. Our system is seriously broken . They will also decide how to spend Federal $ that will be forthcoming.

This week […]

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Happy New Year

We wish you a very healthy and happy 2021. 2020 highlighted our vulnerabilities and the extraordinary resilience of New Yorkers.


In this grim context the changes brought about by the confinement were extraordinary : the Open Streets program initiated by Council Speaker Johnson opened 90 miles of streets to pedestrians and bicycles […]

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How to make NYC Transportation Policies more equitable?

It is well known that Robert Moses’ policies of razing poor neighborhoods to build highways and making bridges so low as to prevent bus access to Jones Beach were racially motivated. In our own  neighborhood of Hell’s kitchen, poor residents saw their buildings destroyed to make way for the Lincoln tunnel. While no one is accusing […]

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