Police Precincts Community Council Meetings, Resources

Which precinct serves my location? Click Here to find the map, click on the precinct to find the stats and date/location of the Community Council

Midtown North Police Precinct -Mike Dougan  (212) 767-8447

13th Police Precinct: (212) 477-7427

Midtown South Police Precinct – Paul Spano (212) 239-9846

10th Police Precinct: – Michael Petrillo – (212) 741-8226

PSA 4: (212) 375-9371

Manhattan Traffic Task Force : 212 239 2500

Port Authority Police Department: (212) 502-2504 ,800-828-PAPD (7273)

Summonses Data in file format

Collision Data in file format 

Collision Map (since 2011)

Collision Map (before 2009)

Bike Lanes & Resources

State and City Rules of the Road and recent Laws

Sidewalk Cafe Laws

Newsstands Laws

Newsracks Laws

Phone Booths Laws

Sanitation Rules and Regulations

  • Summary of Sanitation Rules and Regulations
  • NYC Department of Sanitation Administrative Code (Title 16)
  • A Frame Rules :  A-frames are illegal, no matter if they are 3 feet or outside a business. Law §16-118(2)(a) applies only to merchandise that is on display.

Noise Regulations

ADA (American with Disabilities Act)

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