In 2005 we undertook to remove a number of pay-phones from 9th Avenue’s sidewalks which are very narrow, overcrowded with furniture and sidewalk cafes and saturated with very large pay phones.

We learned from DoiTT that because of lawsuits underway , it was impossible to remove any pay phone until the contract renewal in 2011. However a freeze in new installations was put in place.

In 2011 DoiTT indicated they had renewed the contract and resolved the lawsuit but did not give the communiyt the opportunity to have a say in the placement.

in 2014, DoiTT will have to renegotiate the contract and seek a new approval from the city council. We have initiated a Borough -wide effort to give a larger role to the community in placing or removing  these installations, as well as encouraged them to change the form factor and reduce their impact on pedestrian flow.

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