Tracking Traffic Crashes, Trends and Vision Zero progress in New York City a web-based app, developed by CHEKPEDS was launched in New York City, on February 28, 2018. The application received very positive reviews from Streetsblog “ This Is the Tool You Need to Push for Safer Streets in Your Part of NYC”. A reputed transportation consultant calls it ” a fantastic tool” and even some DOT employees find it “cool”. 9avmap


Crashmapper showing crashes on 9th avenue in 2017., a new web-based app that maps and analyzes traffic crashes and trends in New York City will be launched by CHEKPEDS, a non-profit coalition for pedestrian safety, today. The app has data from 2012 and incorporates updates from New York City open data portals.

Although traffic fatalities are on a downward trend, there were still over 60,000 injuries and deaths in 2017 in New York City from vehicles. To accelerate increased pedestrian safety progress, it is critical to fix intersections that contribute disproportionately to this epidemic. Each passing day means injuries or deaths that could be avoided and families saved from the agony of losing a loved one.

Using New York City open data in real time, the application maps, trends, compares and ranks intersections and streets where crashes have occurred. With a few clicks, makes available to all—activists, press, elected officials, agencies, police precincts, community boards, and business improvement districts—the information necessary to evaluate in minutes instead of days the safety of our streets, and request remedies accordingly. The app also allows the user to define custom areas to evaluate the effectiveness of a given street improvement.

9av compare
















“For over a decade, CHEKPEDS has been working to improve safety measures on New York City’s busy streets and sidewalks,” said Christine Berthet, CHEKPEDS co-founder.  “This app is data-driven, which will help inform solutions and give the information needed to prioritize dangerous intersections and sidewalks. One injury or death is one too many, and working together to achieve the goals of Vision Zero will end that.”

The fully open-source application was built by the nonprofit Greeninfo Network.  “Making public data accessible is the first step. New York is doing a great job at that. Making public data meaningful is the next step, and that’s what Crashmapper does,” said Dan Rademacher, Executive Director of Greeninfo Network. “You can view more than a million crashes framed by the neighborhoods, political boundaries, and other places that matter to city residents. We’re taking raw data and turning it into meaning for the good of the city.”

“Location data has the potential to change the way we see our environment, and the plans we make to improve it,” said Tyler Bird of CARTO, which is supporting the project with a grant for its services. “Our grant program is designed to make these tools available to more organizations looking to make smarter, data-based decisions, and Crashmapper is a shining example of how Location Intelligence can be utilized in an engaging and meaningful way to create safer communities for citizens.

The App was funded by grants from the City Council Speaker and Manhattan Borough President as well as private foundations. It is accessible for free at

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Thousands ask for better enforcement – DiBlasio punts to Albany

Following the tragic death of two very young children in the pedestrian crossing with the walk light, at the hands of a driver who had previously accumulated 8 violations,  and had had a seizure, over 900 activists gathered in Brooklyn to demand better street design and better enforcement.

Joshua Lew and Abigail Blumenstein, aged 1 and 4, were killed by a woman who drove her car through a red light in Brooklyn. Five weeks before that, a man drove an oil truck without a license and killed another child in Brooklyn: Kevin Flores, age 13.

One Thousand Attend NYC’s March for Safe Streets from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

We also learned that there are 25,000 drivers in New York city who have a similar violation history  and are still doing on the streets .

Meanwhile Mayor Di Blasio proposed to add 200 speed cameras in NYC and to make repeated camera detected violation  trigger higher penalties including a license suspension after 5 such infractions. Both measures require a vote in Albany.

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Stop the MTA from reducing service on the M104

The MTA and NYC Transit has proposed bus service cuts to the M104 line. Assemblymember Rosenthal wrote a letter to NYC Transit President Andrew Byford requesting the cuts be halted.

Protest M104 Service Cuts
Monday, March 19. 10:30 a.m.
MTA Board, 2 Broadway, 20th Floor (Whitehall/ Broad) (4,5 W,R ,55,15,20)

Please share with anyone who may be interested in testifying against further service reductions along the M104 route. 
MTA 104


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Join Us to end MTA vows and Traffic congestion

Rally to Demand Congestion Pricing NOW
Tuesday, March 20. 6-7:00 p.m.
633 Third Avenue (40/41) , Gov Cuomo NY office

Subways are in a state of emergency. Just last week, an aging cable at the West 96th Street station caused a massive track fire that crippled commutes. Between this dysfunctional subway system, buses that move at walking speeds, and congestion that ranks among the world’s worst, New York City’s transit network has reached its breaking point.

Congestion  pricing revenues could fix the subways, make our streets safer, and end gridlock as we know it. That’s why it’s critical that Governor Cuomo and leaders in Albany make it a part of the state’s budget this year. And with only two weeks left in the budget session, they need to hear from transit advocates like us now more than ever.

Community Board 4, the NYC council speaker and a broad coalition of transportation, environmental, public health, business, tech, real estate, and labor leaders support the proposal, and the governor himself has said that congestion pricing “is an idea whose time has come.”

We’re holding a rally at the governor’s Midtown doorstep next Tuesday: to demand that the governor and Albany finally muster the political will to put the transit-riding public ahead of a handful of wealthy car owners, and pass congestion pricing NOWWe’ll be calling on the governor to stay true to his word. We’re closer than ever to finally making congestion pricing a reality in New York; let’s keep the pressure on him to take us over the finish line.

P.S. Nearly 1,500 people have already signed our petition calling on Albany to pass congestion pricing — if you haven’t added your name yet, tell our elected leaders we need congestion pricing now.

Please forward the invitation and the petition to all your friends. 

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Join our State Representatives: Finding Solutions to our Transportation Crisis

Transit Forum Flyer (2)

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Join Us: L Train Shutdown Mitigation Measures

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) & NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) will present plans to alleviate the effects of the L Train Canarsie Shutdown.

We will also discuss the Governor’s FIX NYC report, a task force on ADA compliance and the priorities for the year.

Please note the meeting location

Wednesday February 21st, 6:30 p.m.

Hudson Guild Elliot Center
441 W. 26th Street
Dan Carpenter Room A/B

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Port Authority Bus Terminal – latest news

In Early February, the Port Authority Chair, CEO and staff met with elected officials  from New Jersey and New york, representatives from City Agencies, and the community board 4 and 5 in one of the most amicable meetings to date.

The Port Authority has retained consultants who will perform the planning and EIS work necessary to involve the public, filter down the options and analyze the qualified alternatives that meet the goals of the project. A walk through is scheduled next week to kick off this process.

They also confirmed that an on-site redevelopment was considered technically feasible and that a separate group is pursuing the study of  Trans Hudson rail options for the long range.

Port Authority personnel came to speak to the Full board of Community Board 4, a first in the history of our relationship. IMG_7011In a parallel effort to become better neighbors, the Port  doubled its cleaning and de-icing crews to improve the conditions on all the sidewalks that abut their property in Hell’s Kitchen South . As soon as the weather permits they will repair the numerous cracks in the sidewalk; and we are told that improved lighting will be installed under the 9th and 10th Avenue bridges.

The Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition has been busy as well. A sub – committee headed by Betty MacIntosh is preparing a neighborhood plan to develop 9 parcels of land owned by the Port Authority in Hell’s Kitchen South .  An overview will be unveiled at the next

Clinton Hells’s Kitchen Land Use committee
Wed., March 14th, 6:30 p.m.
307 West 43rd Street, Cameo Studios, Studio B.

All in all, good progress in the right direction.

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“Fix New York City” plan is more than Congestion Pricing!

Every one is talking about the “Fix NYC Panel Report” and its recommendation to implement Congestion Pricing. But there is much more there than meets the eye.

Fix New York City

The panel also recommends to enforce gridlock laws and Bus lanes with cameras if feasible, to overhaul the placards program and to focus on the bus congestion on the West Side and Lower Manhattan .

These recommendations are critical to bring relief to our neighborhood which sees more than its fair share of placard, gridlocks and buses. It gives us a platform to discuss the bus permitting system and its deficiencies, and hopefully find a way to put buses  where they belong, in a garage and not on residential streets.

We were  fortunate that savvy New Yorkers were able to bring common sense and valuable information to the panel. Bravo Governor Cuomo. Now let’s turn up our sleeves.

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Free at Last! Demand Congestion Pricing

The transit system is in crisis mode: delays on the subway have tripled over the last five years, subway stations are crumbling, and aging signal systems can’t keep up with growing ridership. Meanwhile, our streets are increasingly clogged with traffic, which results in buses that travel at walking speeds, and impatient drivers who endanger people walking and biking and abuse every inch of space. This is unacceptable.

April 22 - 37-9


There is a group of lawmakers who don’t want this nightmare to end — and they are trying to squash the best idea out there for fixing our transit system: congestion pricing. It could fix the subways. It could make our streets safer. It could end gridlock as we know it. When congestion pricing was enacted in London, total traffic crashes fell 40% and the bicycle crash rate fell 80%.


Only 4% of outer borough commuters drive to Manhattan for work, and on average, New York City car-owners earn twice as much as New Yorkers who don’t drive. Congestion pricing just makes sense.

The plan announced on Friday — produced by the Fix NYC panel — will only succeed if we all get behind it .. and share with all your friends


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Join Us: Cross town protected bike lanes

After the community board asked twice for crosstown bike lanes, DOT is presenting their plan for  multiple crosstown protected bike lanes,  as well as a project to implement a pair on 26/29th Streets where a bicyclist was killed by a bus driver last summer.

Manhattan Community Baord 4 – Transportation committee
Wednesday , January 17, 6:30 p.m.
Cameo Studo B , 307 West 43rd Street (8/9)

Flyer for CB 4 Meeting

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