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Join Us to Meet with our Favorite Bus Companies

[ September 17, 2014; 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm. ] CB4 Transportation Committee
Wednesday, September 17, 6:30 p.m.
Cameo Studios, 307 West 43rd street, Studio B

The executives of many of our favorite bus companies  - including New Jersey Transit – have accepted to meet with the community to discuss their plans related to Bus Routes, Pedestrian Safety and Long Term Initiatives to limit or eliminate using our [...]

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Vision Zero: Two Full and Emotional Weeks

Last week, NYC Council Transportation Committee heard public comments on 22 bills designed to be the first phase of Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero . The Day started with a press conference where “Families for Safe Streets” which regroup members of the families of crash victims spoke up. They again testified at the hearing and [...]

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Vision Zero: Learn more

[ February 25, 2014; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] We attended the Vision Zero announcement in front of the victims families on the left and many elected officials including Borough President Gale Brewer on the right, Council member Helen Rosenthal and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal amongst others. Amongst the  63 recommendations: the administration pledges to fix 50 dangerous intersections a year, and provide better driver education. [...]

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NYPD Bill Bratton brings new perspective on traffic violence

In November well before he was selected for New commissioner, Bill Bratton discussed his views on the matter at a Transportation Alternative panel. The former chief speech was followed by a panel discussion featuring one of the creators of the “broken windows” theory of policing Bratton is credited with executing, who argued that the approach should [...]

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Pedestrian Safety: A Tale of Two Cities

This week we testified at a City Council Hearing on the collision that killed Samuel Cohen Eckstein. This family’s pain left everyone – including all council members present – in tears.   City Council reps, Transportation Alternatives and members of the public spoke unanimously in support of a bill to lower speed limits to a [...]

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Buses: Reclaiming our Streets!

A few months back, our board member Ashley organized an all out effort to rid 44th Street of buses that used this residential street as a detour to the Port Authority Bus terminal. The Community Board supported the Block Association complaints .
In a follow-up meeting with Port Authority , the Community board learned that stern [...]

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Timely Crash Reporting in visual format

Eight years ago Chekpeds started with FOILing (Freedom Of Information Letter) DOT for crash data on 9th Avenue. It took 6 months to receive a pile of paper which we painstakingly turned into  a spreadsheet and a graph.
Transporation Alternatives (TA) then created CrashStats, a hugely useful tool to see the same information on line, but [...]

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Victory! Speed Cameras Pass State Legislature

Against all odds, the legislation allowing New York City to install speed cameras to automatically enforce speed limits, has passed the legislature and should be signed by Governor Cuomo. The major opponent to the bill was the Benevolent Patrolmen Association fronted by Marty Golden, who was concerned for the potential loss of jobs.
Because of the [...]

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NYPD takes a first step toward better crash investigations

The Police Department has moved to examine three times as many crashes this year as last, focusing new attention and resources on another manner of violent death in the streets — the victims walking, riding bicycles or in a vehicle. Resources include more detectives, including a  Collision Technician Group — a newly formed, 12-person crime [...]

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NYC council votes to ban motorized bicycles

e-bikes have long been outlawed on city streets but cops couldn’t issue a citation unless they could prove the rider was exceeding 15 mph.
A bill the Council passed Thursday will prohibit the bikes regardless of their speed. If signed by Mayor Bloomberg as expected, the bill would slap business owners with $100-$250 fines for having [...]

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