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Please Join Us : Press conference to ask for a Bus Garage

[ April 23, 2014; 11:30 am to 12:00 pm. ] Press Conference
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.
Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan, 42nd Street entrance, West of Citibike Station

We need your help! On Thursday , the Board of Directors of the Port Authority will vote to give Larry Silverstein another  $ 1.2 billion in guarantees to build a fourth tower at the World Trade Center, […]

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Pedestrian Safety: A Tale of Two Cities

This week we testified at a City Council Hearing on the collision that killed Samuel Cohen Eckstein. This family’s pain left everyone – including all council members present – in tears.   City Council reps, Transportation Alternatives and members of the public spoke unanimously in support of a bill to lower speed limits to a […]

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Yes, you can make a difference in 2013! Join the community board

The Manhattan Borough President’s office is currently accepting applications for community board membership! Community boards represent their neighborhoods on crucial issues such as development, land use and city service delivery. Serving on a board is an incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of sound community-based planning.
Three community board information sessions will be held in […]

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Delivery Cyclists Education in full swing on 9th Avenue

To coincide with the installation of the bike lanes, CHEKPEDS has designed a turn-key Business Owner Education package and partnered with the Midtown North and South Precincts to undertake a systematic education of all businesses owners and their bike delivery staff on 9th Avenue . 20 businesses , some with more that 10 delivery bicyclists, have been visited […]

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Last minute “depeche” from the front

[ June 20, 2012 6:30 pm to June 21, 2012 9:30 pm. ] Buses Legislation in Albany:
Tomorrow can be the beginning of a new era for all of us who live in bus saturated areas. The bills authorizing NYC DOT to grant permits for long distance bus stops and veto all other locations,  come to a full floor vote and need to be signed by Governor Cuomo. Please get […]

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Bike Share seduces at the 45th Street Bike Month event

Knowing that two BikeShare stations will be located on 45h Street , on the north side in the parking lane, all participants to the annual Outdoor Movie projection held one week ago, were anxious to try on CitiBike # 0001 and #0002, of the system. Needless to say the staff of Alta, the company that […]

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Elected officials ask DOT to resolve loading issues on 34th Street

After many months of community petitioning and multiple letters from CB4 ,  Speaker Christine Quinn wrote a terrific letter asking the DOT to address remaining problems with the Select Bus service Transitway design : The letter was signed by many elected officials representing the residents and businesses along the 34th Street route.
IN particular the letter focuses […]

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Traffic Justice Legislation gains momentum

A flurry of legislative activity is taking place in Albany, to improve safety or ensure proper penalties for careless driving – not a minute too soon.

S7481-2011 & A7737A-2011 has been introduced in the Senate. This bill would allow the installation of Speed Cameras to enforce the speed limits in New York City . These cameras would work […]

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Bike Share Map

The bike Share program was finally announced last week and the maps published. Keep in mind it is still in draft but pretty close to final.
Click Here for the maps.

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Two-Way Bike Lane to cross Central Park

A new two-way bike lane is rolling into Central Park along the park’s Terrace Drive, a popular route for crossing the park at 72nd Street.
The current one-way path from east to west will be supplemented by a new adjacent lane to serve cycling from west to east. The new lane will be installed this summer, […]

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