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Letter to the Editor

I’ll start my comment (which is a little long, unfortunately) by summarizing it:
A. The proposed expansion of the Port Authority Bus Terminal would inflict an environmental and planning catastrophe on the West Side of New York City.
B. The PA must first devise a coherent master vision that has public support before any cost-benefit decisions are [...]

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Why is Vision Zero progress so slow in NYC?

The third edition of the NYC DOT’s Street Design Manual was recently released and  I could not wait to read it. Why? This book reveals the DNA of the Department of Transportation, the hard-wired code the engineers follow and gives a glimpse into its evolution.
Up to page 31, warm words, good marketing pitch, clear process [...]

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Tell the Feds: City Streets Are Not Highways

It doesn’t make much sense to design a street that passes through the center of a community’s downtown the same way we would the 50 mph highway that carries commuters from that city to another.
Currently, local communities and states must adhere to a long list of federal design criteria, or face an arduous and costly [...]

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New Bills introduced to prevent Left Turn collisions

ON August 13, Public Advocate Letitia James introduced two traffic safety bills in the New York City Council aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths across the City. The first bill would require the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to establish protected left turn signals at 100 additional intersections with four or more traffic lanes. [...]

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Vision Zero 2015: The Year of the Protected Only Phase signals (Split Phase)

Sweden is on its way to reaching zero road deaths per year. The Economist earlier this year took a look at the data: just three deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 5.5 in the European Union and 11.4 in the US. (See this European Commission report for additional data.)
How has Sweden done it? “We are going much more for [...]

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When will MTA join in on Vision Zero?

While pedestrian deaths are at an all time low ( 131 in 2014) , MTA is not making any progress. Based on crashes reported in the media, MTA bus drivers have killed as many pedestrians and cyclists so far this year as they did in 2013.
You would think MTA is actively participating in Vision Zero [...]

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Are Cyclists like Drivers or Pedestrians?

In the wake of the horrific deaths of two pedestrians after being hit by cyclists , a healthy debate has taken place in the press and at CHEKPEDS. It seems that the question is at the heart of the current debate on cyclists.

One treats bicycles like vehicles because they use the roadway, but they do [...]

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25 mph: A Hard-Won Victory in Albany

Both the  Assembly and the State passed bill S07892 allowing New York City to reduce its default speed limit to 25 mph from the current 30 mph. Both Assembly Member Dick Gottfried and Linda Rosenthal were  proponents  and  Senator Brad Hoylman was front and center in the Senate battle in the last day of the session. Governor Cuomo [...]

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Vision Zero: Two Full and Emotional Weeks

Last week, NYC Council Transportation Committee heard public comments on 22 bills designed to be the first phase of Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero . The Day started with a press conference where “Families for Safe Streets” which regroup members of the families of crash victims spoke up. They again testified at the hearing and [...]

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Vision Zero: Learn more

[ February 25, 2014; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] We attended the Vision Zero announcement in front of the victims families on the left and many elected officials including Borough President Gale Brewer on the right, Council member Helen Rosenthal and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal amongst others. Amongst the  63 recommendations: the administration pledges to fix 50 dangerous intersections a year, and provide better driver education. [...]

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