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Join Us to end MTA vows and Traffic congestion

[ March 20, 2018; 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. ] Rally to Demand Congestion Pricing NOW
Tuesday, March 20. 6-7:00 p.m.
633 Third Avenue (40/41) , Gov Cuomo NY office

Subways are in a state of emergency. Just last week, an aging cable at the West 96th Street station caused a massive track fire that crippled commutes. Between this dysfunctional subway system, buses that move at walking speeds, [...]

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Free at Last! Demand Congestion Pricing

The transit system is in crisis mode: delays on the subway have tripled over the last five years, subway stations are crumbling, and aging signal systems can’t keep up with growing ridership. Meanwhile, our streets are increasingly clogged with traffic, which results in buses that travel at walking speeds, and impatient drivers who endanger people [...]

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SANS L TRAIN: Scheduled Open Houses etc..

[ February 14, 2018; 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] MTA and DOT are planning open houses to collect community input on their plan for subway, buses, bicycles and pedestrians during the shutdown of the L train. Mitigation of traffic on the adjacent streets will be discussed as well.

Canarsie Tunnel Open Houses
Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 5:00 -8:00 p.m.
328 West 14th Street

In addition to the Open [...]

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BIGGEST TRAFFIC CHANGE in years makes a superb debut in the quiet of the summer

On July 13th , in the middle of the day, Port Authority and DOT started to operate a contra lane on Dyer Avenue, between 42nd and 41st Streets for buses to reach the Lincoln Tunnel in a safer way. This resulted in 90 less left turns by buses at 42nd Street and 9th Avenue a [...]

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A Park on Dyer Avenue ?

Imagine the possibility! the three eastern lanes of  Dyer Avenue (between 34th and 35th ) could be closed to traffic and used to create a park. The remaining three western lanes will carry the traffic (see enclosed) . Over the summer a group of residents gathered to create a “vision” and they are now taking the next [...]

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SPEAK UP: Enough band aids! Let’s fix the bus issue once and for all!

Although we have scored many successes in our battle to rid our streets of buses, we are still losing the war:  curbside parking is disappearing as development in Hudson Yards accelerates, while the need to bring ever more tourists is growing. We need a bus garage to be built , a permanent solution the City promised [...]

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Funding Transit is a Priority: Tolling Bridges should be part of the mix

Much of the 2021 Regional Plan Association symposium revolved around transportation and how various cities in the world address the challenge. We learned with stupefaction that Singapore Transit  is profitable with a combination of congestion pricing with real time price adjustments based on actual speed on the road, and a car Certificate of Entitlement, with [...]

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Eric’s comments

My major concern with this study is the fact that DOT will be collecting data on ONLY 1 day . I don’t know how reliable their data collection is in terms of day-to-day and month-to-month variation, but they tried to convince us that they will do their best to get a “typical” reading (in terms of [...]

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2007 in perspective: Happy New Year

We wish you a SAFE 2008 with more time to cross the street, plenty of neck downs, Barnes’ dances and speed bumps to slow down the cars, and NYPD enforcing the law .
We wish you a HEALTHY 2008, with charter buses and jitneys turning off their engines and parking in their own garage.
We wish you [...]

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Clinton- Hell’s Kitchen traffic Study Scoping – TAC2

Clinton-Hell’s Kitchen traffic study – scope - 12-04-2007

Dear TAC members ,  By adding a comment below you will be able to share your comments with the other members Which intersections must be added and why? A list of schools traffic congestion: which peak day should be studied ( Week days and Week end) and which peak hours ? [...]

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