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SPEAK UP: Enough band aids! Let’s fix the bus issue once and for all!

Although we have scored many successes in our battle to rid our streets of buses, we are still losing the war:  curbside parking is disappearing as development in Hudson Yards accelerates, while the need to bring ever more tourists is growing. We need a bus garage to be built , a permanent solution the City promised […]

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Safer Crossing of the West Side Highway?

What is the use of a Park if you cannot get to it? This is the plight of many residents who want to enjoy the Hudson River Park but are petrified of crossing the highway: not enough time to cross in particular if you are a senior or crossing with children.

Responding to Martin and Kathleen […]

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Limo Service for Seniors: Project CART’s Freedom Van

Speaker Christine Quinn shares with us a pilot program running through September 30th, the Project CART’s: Freedom Van, run by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens (NYFSC). It  allows seniors to make arrangements to use the escort service to travel to appointments or join a shopping group where they will be driven to Pathmark on Mondays […]

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Pedestrian Victory : 9th Avenue to be treated as a “Senior” Zone

A DOT consultant has initiated a review of 9th Avenue from 34th to 50th Streets from 8th to 10th Avenue, to identify traffic calming measures adequate to the large concentration of seniors in the area.
Two measures have already been implemented fully of partially:
1- Feathering down of traffic on 9th Avenue form 50th to […]

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Pedestrian Safety : 2 dangerous intersections improved

Conflict free crossing at 23rd Street and 9th Avenue: This dangerous crossing on the East side of 9th Avenue is now SAFE for pedestrians. DOT removed a left turn option for cars and was able to give 30 seconds to pedestrians to cross without any conflicts with cars. This is an enormous relief to Penn […]

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2007 in perspective: Happy New Year

We wish you a SAFE 2008 with more time to cross the street, plenty of neck downs, Barnes’ dances and speed bumps to slow down the cars, and NYPD enforcing the law .
We wish you a HEALTHY 2008, with charter buses and jitneys turning off their engines and parking in their own garage.
We wish you […]

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Upper West side senior safety plan (down to 45th street)

Report was sponsored by Assembly woman Linda Rosenthal.

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