Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I do If..

  1. There is a dangerous street crossing
  2. I was nearly hit by a turning car
  3. A pedestrian crossing is obstructed by gridlocked cars
  4. Backed up drains (catch basin) make crossing unsafe
  5. There is honking because of  gridlock in the street
  6. There are potholes in the bike lane or crossing
  7. Street lights are out
  8. There is no pedestrian ramp at the crossing
  9. Buses are parked illegally and/or other vehicles are idling
  10. The sidewalk is damaged with cracks
  11. The sidewalk is constantly obstructed by one of the following: sidewalk cafe furniture or sandwich board, cafe customers overflowing, storm enclosurestrap doors constantly open, storage/materials near newsstand, news racks empty or dirty, street vendors, cars overflowing from parking, Sidewalk ATM.
  12. The sidewalk is dirty, snow is not removed, or obstructed by garbage
  13. The phone booths are dirty and not lit

How Do I …..

  1. Plant a tree or install a tree guard
  2. Order a bike rack
  3. Order a Bench
  4. Order a Bike Corral
  5. Apply for a pocket park
  6. Apply for a play street 
  7. Apply for a slow zone
  8. Request a Speed Camera

Local Government & Elected Officials

  1. Manhattan Community Board 4
  2. Police Community Councils
  3. Manhattan Borough President Stringer
  4. NYC Public Advocate De Blasio
  5. NYC Council Member Brewer (59th St and north)
  6. NYC Council Member Quinn
  7. NY State Assembly Member Rosenthal (above 45th St)
  8. NY State Assembly Member Gottfried
  9. NY State Senator Hoylman
  10. Congressman Nadler




  1. Crash Statistics (2005)
  2. Top 20 Pedestrian Crash sites (2007)
  3. TA traffic calming for HKNA (2003)
  4. HKNA report on dangerous conditions (2004)
  5. Most dangerous schools (2003)- Table 4
  6. Health of our neighborhood
  7. #7 Subway Extension
  8. ARC Project (Train tunnel to New Jersey)
  9. Bike Lanes and resources
  10. Senior Study
  11. DOT study of Clinton Hell’s Kitchen
  12. 9th Avenue Renaissance report
  13. Hudson Yards Rezoning Parking Amendment
  14. 34th Street Transitway
  15. Community Board 4 Sidewalk Guidelines
  16. Community Board 4 Sidewalk Cafe Guidelines
  17. Community Board 4 Newsstands Guidelines
  18. Community Board 4 Street Naming Guidelines
  19. Community Board 4 Capital priorities for Transportation

City Wide

  1. Plan NYC2030
  2. World Class Streets (DOT)
  3. Sustainable Streets(DOT)
  4. Active Design Guidelines (DOT, DCP, DOH)
  5. Transportation Statistics and Traffic Data
  6. Bicyclists Fatalities and Serious Injuries (DOT, DOH)
  7. Crash Statistics (2005)
  8. Top 20 Crash intersections report – 2010 (DOT)
  9. Pedestrian Safety Reports and Plans
  10. 2008 Sustainable Street Index
  11. 2009 Sustainable Street Index
  12. 2010 Sustainable Streets Index
  13. 25 year Regional Transportation Plan
  14. Streets For People (Traffic Calming)
  15. Bike Rules and resources
  16. Interactive Map of 311 service requests
  17. NYPD statistics of summonses by Community Board
  18. NYPD CCollision data
  19. DOT Parking Rules and Street status


  1. State and City Rules of the Road
  2. State Vehicular Laws
  3. NYC ECB rules 
  4. Sidewalk Cafes
  5. Newsstands
  6. Newsracks
  7. Phone Booths
  8. Storm Enclosures
  9. Vendors
  10. Noise
  11. Sanitation and Sidewalk Obstructions
  12. American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  13. New York State Laws
  14. New York City Laws
  15. Street master Plan law (2019)
  16. Study of pedestrian fatalities ( 2008)

Research (in construction)

  1. Pedestrian Safety
    1. The crisis in American Walking
    2. Timing Traffic Signals to accommodate Pedestrians
    3. Designing Intersections to accommodate all users
    4. Dangerous by Design: Solving the Epidemic of Preventable deaths
    5. Steps to a Walkable Community
  2. Complete Streets
    1. Pedestrian and Bicycle infrastructure: employment impact
    2. Complete Streets Fact Sheet
    3. Measurements 
  3. Health
  4. Traffic
  5. Parking, placards…
    1. Creating Electric-Vehicle Ready towns and Cities - Georgetown climate Center
  6. Transportation Policy
    1. Federal transportation Funding – MAP 21
  7. Transit Oriented Development

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