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More Streets are OPEN!

Saturday morning, May 23rd,  three (3) more blocks will open in our district: W21st Street (9/10), W 22nd Street (7/8) in Chelsea and W51st Street (9/10) in Hell’s Kitchen. These are in addition to the first four (4) blocks opened last Saturday in Chelsea with the Business Improvements Districts as partners.
From a pedestrian (or a […]

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The year of living dangerously – Sign the petition

We hope you, your family and friends are all in good health. Stay inside and follow all prescribed procedures for yourself and other people alike .

Talking about procedures : when walking or shopping, I noticed that there is no way to  cross or pass another pedestrian on a sidewalk, while maintaining a 6 ft distance. […]

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MCB4 Transportation Committee – Shared Streets Selection

CB4 Transportation Committee will discuss which streets should be open to pedestrians for the balance of the confinement period.
Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 6:30 PM
Join the meeting by teleconference
Or by phone:1-669-224-3412,
Access Code: 285-375-581
You can check the  proposal here.

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Study: Air quality in our district is dangerous to our health

The communities of Hell’s Kitchen South / Chelsea / Hudson Yards in New York City have reasons to be concerned about the quality of their air. A six-week study of the air quality performed by Clinton/Chelsea/ Hell’s Kitchen Coalition for Pedestrian Safety (CHEKPEDS)’s  25 volunteers demonstrated that the air  contains unhealthy levels of micro particulate matters that […]

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How Bad is our Air Quality?

In its quest for healthier  walking, CHEKPEDS has initiated an Air Quality study with 25 volunteers from our district, from 15th to 57th Streets . Over the next month, they will each collect 21 air samplings at their respective sites.

The Kickoff , organized by Ernest Modarelli who is managing the project ( shown here on  the left)  took […]

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Free at Last! Demand Congestion Pricing

The transit system is in crisis mode: delays on the subway have tripled over the last five years, subway stations are crumbling, and aging signal systems can’t keep up with growing ridership. Meanwhile, our streets are increasingly clogged with traffic, which results in buses that travel at walking speeds, and impatient drivers who endanger people […]

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Adding 50% more capacity to the existing bus terminal is viable

The results of a recent study concluded this month was presented to the Port Authority Board of Commissioners on September 28, 2017. Engineering and Construction firms concluded that it would be feasible to add two floors to the current bus Terminal and then proceed to renovate the floors below , in a top down approach. […]

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Join Us : Discuss Air Quality with the State Agency DEC

[ October 12, 2017; 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. ] After our presentation on Air quality  – or lack thereof –  to the Parks and Environment Committee of CB4, the state agency in charge of the environment – Department for Environmental Conservation, (DEC)  will be presenting their plans and efforts to the committee.

Department of Environmental Conservation Presentation
Thursday, October 14, 2017, 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
353 […]

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RPA’s “Crossing the Hudson” Proposes a Holistic Plan for the Next 20 Years and Beyond

The Regional Plan Association recently published key transportation recommendation ahead of Its fourth regional plan to be released in November 12017.  It pretty closely mirrors the Community Board and our recommendations for the bus terminal replacement: a long distance bus terminal at or around Javits Center, that would provide enough capacity to extend the terminal […]

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Buses and Cars exhaust is fouling our air – How can 40% more buses help?

Last week Chekpeds joined the Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition to present to the CB4’s Parks and Environment committee their findings related to Air Quality in our district.
Using the Data gathered by the NYC Department of Health, we highlighted that CB4 has the third worst air quality in the city. The city itself in not in […]

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