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2015 was a good year for Street Safety!

Thanks to the DOT administration and the advocates of various groups ( most notably Transportation Alternatives ) we made great strides in 2015: Safety: CHEKPEDS’s push on fully protected phases for pedestrian crossings was embraced by the DOT in their… Read more “2015 was a good year for Street Safety!”
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2014 was a game changer for pedestrians

Vision Zero: Mayor Di Blasio made good on his campaign promise to get serious on traffic injuries and fatalities. This year 22 bills were passed in the council to improve information, increase enforcement and increase penalties for careless drivers who… Read more “2014 was a game changer for pedestrians”
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New Plaza dubbed “The Canoe”, is taking shape in Hell’s Kitchen

As long as we can remember, NYPD and other vehicles perpendicularly parked on a block length of 36th Street’s north sidewalk, between 9th and Dyer Avenues forcing all pedestrians to walk on the roadway. This is the path to the… Read more “New Plaza dubbed “The Canoe”, is taking shape in Hell’s Kitchen”